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Energy-Efficient Sound Environment Classifier for Hearing Aids Based on Multi-objective Simulated Annealing Programming, Cocaña-Fernández, Alberto, Sánchez Luciano, Ranilla José, Gil-Pita Roberto, and Ayllón David , 10th International Conference on Soft Computing Models in Industrial and Environmental Applications, Cham, p.261–270, (2015)
Generalized stochastic orderings applied to the study of perfomance of machine learning algorithm, Couso, Inés, and Sánchez Luciano , The 16th World Congress of the International Fuzzy Systems Association (IFSA) and the 9th Conference of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology (EUSFLAT), 06, Gijón, Asturias(Spain), (2015)
Online SOC estimation of Li-FePO4 batteries through an observer of the system state with minimal nonspecificity, Sánchez, Luciano, Couso Inés, and Blanco Cecilio , 08, p.1-8, (2015)
An Equivalent Circuit Model With Variable Effective Capacity for LiFePO4 Batteries, Blanco, Cecilio, Sánchez Luciano, Gonzalez M, Antón Juan Carlos, Fernández Víctor García, and Viera Juan , IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 10, Volume 63, p.3592-3599, (2014)
Cost-Sensitive Learning of Fuzzy Rules for Imbalanced Classification Problems Using FURIA, Palacios, Ana, Trawinski Krzysztof, Cordón O., and Sánchez Luciano , International Journal of Uncertainty Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based Systems, 10, Volume 22, p.643-675, (2014)
Interval-valued Blind Source Separation Applied to AI-based Prognostic Fault Detection of Aircraft Engines, Martinez, Alvaro, Sánchez Luciano, and Couso Inés , Journal of Multiple-Valued Logic and Soft Computing, 01, Volume 22, p.151-166, (2014)
Mutual Information-Based Feature Selection in Fuzzy Databases Applied to Searching for the Best Code Metrics in Automatic Grading, Otero, José, Suárez Rosario, and Sánchez Luciano , Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems, Cham, p.330–341, (2014)
Selecting the Most Informative Inputs in Modelling Problems with Vague Data Applied to the Search of Informative Code Metrics for Continuous Assessment in Computer Science Online Courses, Otero, José, Suárez Maria Del Rosari, Palacios Ana, Couso Inés, and Sánchez Luciano , Rough Sets and Current Trends in Computing, Cham, p.299–308, (2014)
Supervising classrooms comprising children with dyslexia and other learning problems with graphical exploratory analysis for fuzzy data: Presentation of the software tool and case study, Palacios, Ana, and Sánchez Luciano , IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems, 07, p.2133-2140, (2014)
COMBINING ADABOOST WITH PREPROCESSING ALGORITHMS FOR EXTRACTING FUZZY RULES FROM LOW QUALITY DATA IN POSSIBLY IMBALANCED PROBLEMS, Palacios, Ana, Sánchez Luciano, and Couso Inés , International Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based Systems, Volume 20, Number supp02, p.51-71, (2012)
A Minimum Risk Wrapper Algorithm for Genetically Selecting Imprecisely Observed Features, Applied to the Early Diagnosis of Dyslexia, Sánchez, Luciano, Palacios Ana, and Couso Inés , Lecture Notes in Computer Science - LNCS, 09, Volume 5271, p.608-615, (2008)
Defuzzification of Fuzzy p-Values, Couso, Inés, and Sánchez Luciano , Soft Methods for Handling Variability and Imprecision, Berlin, Heidelberg, p.126–132, (2008)
Boosting of fuzzy models for high-dimensional imprecise datasets, Sánchez, Luciano, and Ramón José , Information Processing and Management of Uncertainty in Knowledge-Based Systems, 07, París (Francia), (2006)
Genetic Algorithms for Estimating Longest Path from Inherently Fuzzy Data Acquired with GPS, Villar, José, Otero Adolfo, Otero José, and Sánchez Luciano , Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning, Berlin, Heidelberg, p.232–240, (2006)
Induction of descriptive fuzzy classifiers with the Logitboost algorithm, Otero, José, and Sánchez Luciano , Soft Computing, Jul, Volume 10, Number 9, p.825–835, (2006)
A fast genetic method for inducting descriptive fuzzy models, Sánchez, Luciano, and Otero José , Fuzzy Sets and Systems, 01, Volume 141, p.33-46, (2004)
Algoritmo GA-P Difuso para la Generación de Controladores en Edificios Inteligentes, Lopez, Antonio, Doctor Faiyaz, and Sánchez Luciano , Congreso español de metaheurísticas, algoritmos evolutivos y bioinspirados., 01, Córdoba (España), (2004)
Preliminary results on the application of boosting to learn weighted fuzzy rules under single-winner inference, Sánchez, Luciano, Otero José, and Suárez María , Congreso español de metaheurísticas, algoritmos evolutivos y bioinspirados., Córdoba-España, (2004)
Proyecto KEEL: Desarrollo de una herramienta para el análisis e implementación de algoritmos de extracción de conocimiento evolutivos, Alcala-Fdez, Jesus, del Jesus M. J., Garrell Josep-Maria, Herrera F., Martínez Cesar, and Sánchez Luciano , 01, p.413-424, (2004)
Supply Estimation Using Coevolutionary Genetic Algorithms in the Spanish Electrical Market, Marín, Enrique, and Sánchez Luciano , Applied Intelligence, 07, Volume 21, p.7-24, (2004)
Un estudio empírico preliminar sobre los tests estadísticos más habituales en el aprendizaje automático, Herrera, F., Hervas-Martínez Cesar, Otero J, and Sánchez Luciano , Tendencias de la minería de datos en España, Number 403-412, Santander (España), (2004)
Using a symbolic model checker for verify safety properties in SA/RT models, Tuya, Javier, Sánchez Luciano, and Corrales Jose A. , Software Engineering –- ESEC '95, Berlin, Heidelberg, p.59–75, (1995)