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Book Chapter
Tuning fuzzy partitions or assigning weights to fuzzy rules: which is better?, Sánchez, Luciano, and Otero José , Accuracy Improvements in Linguistic Fuzzy Modeling, Berlin, Heidelberg, p.366–385, (2003)
Conference Paper
Genetic Algorithms for Estimating Longest Path from Inherently Fuzzy Data Acquired with GPS, Villar, José, Otero Adolfo, Otero José, and Sánchez Luciano , Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning, Berlin, Heidelberg, p.232–240, (2006)
Managing stochastic algorithms cross-validation variability using an interval valued multiple comparison procedure, Otero, José, Sánchez Luciano, Palacios Ana, and Couso Inés , International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications, 11, p.1391-1396, (2011)
Mutual Information-Based Feature Selection in Fuzzy Databases Applied to Searching for the Best Code Metrics in Automatic Grading, Otero, José, Suárez Rosario, and Sánchez Luciano , Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Systems, Cham, p.330–341, (2014)
Optimización genético borrosa de parámetros en un sistema de bajo coste para la medición visual de cotas de vehículos, Otero, José, Otero Adolfo, Junco Luis, and Sánchez Luciano , Congreso Español sobre tecnologías y lógica fuzzy, 01, León (España), (2002)
Preliminary results on the application of boosting to learn weighted fuzzy rules under single-winner inference, Sánchez, Luciano, Otero José, and Suárez María , Congreso español de metaheurísticas, algoritmos evolutivos y bioinspirados., Córdoba-España, (2004)
Selecting an Appropriate Statistical Test for Comparing Multiple Experiments in Evolutionary Machine Learning, Otero, José, Sánchez Luciano, and Alcala-Fdez Jesus , 09, (2007)
Selecting the Most Informative Inputs in Modelling Problems with Vague Data Applied to the Search of Informative Code Metrics for Continuous Assessment in Computer Science Online Courses, Otero, José, Suárez Maria Del Rosari, Palacios Ana, Couso Inés, and Sánchez Luciano , Rough Sets and Current Trends in Computing, Cham, p.299–308, (2014)