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A Preliminary Study on Crop Classification with Unsupervised Algorithms for Time Series on Images with Olive Trees and Cereal Crops , Rivera-Rivas, A.J., Pérez-Godoy M.D., Elizondo D., Deka Lipika, and del Jesus M. J. , 15th International Conference on Soft Computing Models in Industrial and Environmental Applications (SOCO 2020), 08/2020, p.276-285, (2020)
An analysis of technological frameworks for data streams, Puentes, F., Pérez-Godoy M.D., González P., and del Jesus M. J. , Progress in Artificial Intelligence, 06/2020, Volume 9, p.239–261, (2020)
Análisis preliminar de marcos tecnológicos en data stream, Puentes, F., Pérez-Godoy M.D., González P., and del Jesus M. J. , II Workshop en Big Data y análisis de datos escalable, 10, Granada (España), p.1117-1122, (2018)
Dealing with seasonality by narrowing the training set in time series forecasting with kNN, Martínez, Francisco, Frías María Pilar, Pérez-Godoy M.D., and Rivera-Rivas A.J. , Expert Systems with Applications, Volume 103, p.38 - 48, (2018)
Nuevas arquitecturas hardware de procesamiento de alto rendimiento para aprendizaje profundo, Rivera-Rivas, A.J., Charte Francisco, Espinilla Macarena, and Pérez-Godoy M.D. , Enseñanza y aprendizaje de ingeniería de computadores. Revista de experiencias docentes en ingeniería de computadores, Volume 8, p.67–83, (2018) PDF icon 2018-EAIC18-HardwareAltoRend-compressed.pdf (431.68 KB)
An ensemble strategy for forecasting the extra-virgin olive oil price in Spain, Rivera-Rivas, A.J., Pérez-Godoy M.D., Charte Francisco, Pulgar-Rubio F., and del Jesus M. J. , International work-conference on Time Series, ITISE 2015, 7, Granada (Spain), p.506–516, (2015) PDF icon 2015-ITISE-ForecastOliveOil.pdf (547.65 KB)
CO2RBFN-CS: First Approach Introducing Cost-Sensitivity in the Cooperative-Competitive RBFN Design, Pérez-Godoy, M.D., Rivera-Rivas A.J., Charte Francisco, and del Jesus M. J. , 13th International Work-Conference on Artificial Neural Networks (IWANN 2015), 6, Palma de Mallorca (Spain), p.361–373, (2015) PDF icon 2015-IWANN-CostSensitiveCO2RBFN.pdf (360.2 KB)
A Preliminary Study on Mutation Operators in Cooperative Competitive Algorithms for RBFN Design, Pérez-Godoy, M.D., Rivera-Rivas A.J., Carmona C. J., and del Jesus M. J. , IEEE World Congress on Computational Intelligence (WCCI), p.349–355, (2010) PDF icon 2010 - IEEEWCCS - CoreA.pdf (606.64 KB)
Analysis of an evolutionary RBFN design algorithm, CO2RBFN, for imbalanced data sets, Pérez-Godoy, M.D., Fernández Alberto, Rivas Antonio Rivera, and del Jesus M. J. , Pattern Recognition Letters, 11, Volume 31, Number 15, p.2375-2388, (2010)
CO2RBFN for Short and Medium Term Forecasting of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Price, Pérez-Godoy, M.D., Pérez P., Frías M.P., Rivera-Rivas A.J., Carmona C. J., and Parras M. , Studies in Computational Intelligence, Volume 284, p.113-125, (2010) PDF icon 2010 - NICSO.pdf (589.38 KB)
CO2RBFN for short-term forecasting of the extra virgin olive oil price in the Spanish market, Pérez-Godoy, M.D., Pérez P., Rivera-Rivas A.J., del Jesus M. J., Carmona C. J., Frías M.P., and Parras M. , International Journal of Hybrid Intelligent Systems, p.75-87, (2010) PDF icon 2010-Perez-Godoy-IJHIS.pdf (434.9 KB)
Intelligent Systems in Long-Term Forecasting of the Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Price in the Spanish Market, Pérez-Godoy, M.D., Pérez Pedro, Rivera-Rivas A.J., del Jesus M. J., Frías María Pilar, and Parras Manuel , Trends in Applied Intelligent Systems, Berlin, Heidelberg, p.205–214, (2010)
Mejoras en el Diseño Multiobjetivo de Redes de Funciones de Base Radial, López, P.L., Rivera-Rivas A.J., Carmona C. J., and Pérez-Godoy M.D. , Congreso Español sobre Tecnologías y Lógica Fuzzy (ESTYLF), p.441-446, (2010) PDF icon 2010 - ESTYLF.pdf (587.96 KB)