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Book Chapter
A first approach in the class noise filtering approaches for Fuzzy Subgroup Discovery, Carmona, C. J., and Luengo J. , Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, Volume 368, p.387-399, (2015) PDF icon 2015 - SOCO.pdf (530.94 KB)
Conference Paper
A preliminary study on missing data imputation in evolutionary fuzzy systems of subgroup discovery, Carmona, C. J., Luengo J., González P., and del Jesus M. J. , IEEE International Conference on Fuzzy Systems (FUZZ-IEEE), June, Brisbane (Australia), p.1-7, (2012) PDF icon 2012 - FUZZIEEE.pdf (1.63 MB)
A Preliminary Study on Selecting the Optimal Cut Points in Discretization by Evolutionary Algorithms, García, S., López V., Luengo J., Carmona C. J., and Herrera F. , 1st International Conference on Pattern Recognition Applications and Methods (ICPRAM), February, Villamoura - (Portugal), p.211-216, (2012) PDF icon 2012 - ICPRAM.pdf (106.28 KB)
Addressing Data-Complexity for Imbalanced Data-sets: A Preliminary Study on the Use of Preprocessing for C4.5, Luengo, J., Fernández A., Herrera F., and García S. , 9th International Conference on Intelligent Systems Designs and Applications (ISDA), p.523-528, (2009)
Estudio de la influencia de las medidas de complejidad de los datos en los Sistemas de Clasifcación Basados en Reglas Difusas: Análisis de la Razón Discriminante de Fisher, Luengo, J., García S., Cano J. R., and Herrera F. , XIV Congreso Español sobre Tecnologías y Lógica Fuzzy (ESTYLF), September, Mieres (Spain), p.257-263, (2008)
Journal Article
Addressing Data Complexity for Imbalanced Data Sets: Analysis of SMOTE-based Oversampling and Evolutionary Undersampling, Luengo, J., Fernández A., García S., and Herrera F. , Soft Computing, Volume 15, Number 10, p.1909-1936, (2011)
Advanced nonparametric tests for multiple comparisons in the design of experiments in computational intelligence and data mining: Experimental Analysis of Power, García, S., Fernández A., Luengo J., and Herrera F. , Information Sciences, Volume 180, p.2044–2064, (2010)
An analysis on the use of pre-processing methods in evolutionary fuzzy systems for subgroup discovery, Carmona, C. J., Luengo J., González P., and del Jesus M. J. , Expert Systems with Applications, Volume 39, p.11404-11412, (2012) PDF icon 2012-Carmona-ESWA-II.pdf (468.94 KB)
Evolutionary Selection of Hyperrectangles in Nested Generalized Exemplar Learning, García, S., Derrac J., Luengo J., Carmona C. J., and Herrera F. , Applied Soft Computing, Volume 11, Number 3, p.3032-3045, (2011) PDF icon 2011-Garcia-ASOC.pdf (2.07 MB)
Genetics-Based Machine Learning for Rule Induction: State of the Art, Taxonomy and Comparative Study, Fernández, A., Luengo J., García S., Bernadó-Mansilla E., and Herrera F. , IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, Volume 14, Number 6, p.913-941, (2010)
KEEL 3.0: An Open Source Software for Multi-Stage Analysis in Data Mining., Triguero, I., Gonzalez S., Moyano J.M., García S., Alcalá-Fdez J., Luengo J., Fernández A., del Jesus M. J., Sánchez L., Herrera F., et al. , International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems, Volume 10, Number 1, p.1238-1249, (2017)
KEEL Data-Mining Software Tool: Data Set Repository, Integration of Algorithms and Experimental Analysis Framework, Alcalá-Fdez, J., Fernández A., Luengo J., Derrac J., García S., Sánchez L., and Herrera F. , Journal of Multiple-Valued Logic and Soft Computing, Volume 17, Number 2-3, p.255-287, (2011)
Label noise filtering techniques to improve monotonic classification, Cano, J. R., Luengo J., and García S. , Neurocomputing, 08/2019, Volume 353, p.83-95, (2019) PDF icon 1-s2.0-main.pdf (1.21 MB)
The Influence of Noise on the Evolutionary Fuzzy Systems for Subgroup Discovery, Luengo, J., García-Vico A.M., Pérez-Godoy M.D., and Carmona C. J. , Soft Computing, Volume 20, Issue 11, p.4313-4330, (2016) PDF icon 2016-Luengo-NoiseSD.pdf (972.31 KB)