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Conference Paper
A first study on bagging fuzzy rule-based classification systems with multicriteria genetic selection of the component classifiers, Cordón, O., Quirin A., and Sánchez L. , 2008 3rd International Workshop on Genetic and Evolving Systems, March, p.11-16, (2008)
Introducing a genetic fuzzy linguistic combination method for bagging fuzzy rule-based multiclassification systems, Sánchez, L., Cordón O., Quirin A., and Trawinski K. , 2010 4th International Workshop on Genetic and Evolutionary Fuzzy Systems (GEFS), March, p.75-80, (2010)
Journal Article
A Comprehensive and Didactic Review on Multilabel Learning Software Tools, Charte, Francisco , IEEE Access, 03/2020, Volume 8, p.50330-50354, (2020)
Advocating the Use of Imprecisely Observed Data in Genetic Fuzzy Systems, Sánchez, L., and Couso I. , IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems, Aug, Volume 15, Number 4, p.551-562, (2007)
Artificial intelligence within the interplay between natural and artificial computation: Advances in data science, trends and applications, M.Górriz, Juan, Ramírez Javier, Ortíz Andrés, Martínez-Murcia Francisco J., Segovia Fermín, Suckling John, Leming Matthew, Zhang Yu-Dong, Álvarez-Sánchez José Ramón, Bologna Guido, et al. , Neurocomputing, Volume 410, p.237-270, (2020)
Comments on “Learning from imprecise and fuzzy observations: Data disambiguation through generalized loss minimization” by Eyke Hüllermeier, Sánchez, Luciano , International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, Volume 55, Number 7, p.1583 - 1587, (2014)
Decomposition-Fusion for Label Distribution Learning, Gonzalez, M, González-Almagro Germán, Triguero Isaac, Cano J. R., and García Salvador , Information Fusion, 02/2021, Volume 66, p.64-75, (2021) PDF icon 1-s2.0-S1566253520303596-main.pdf (947.74 KB)
predtoolsTS: R package for streamlining time series forecasting, Charte, Francisco, Vico Alberto, Pérez-Godoy M.D., and Rivera-Rivas A.J. , Progress in Artificial Intelligence, 06/2019, Volume 8, p.505–510, (2019) PDF icon Charte2019_Article_PredtoolsTSRPackageForStreamli.pdf (390.07 KB)
Smartdata: Data preprocessing to achieve smart data in R, Cordon, I., Luengo Julián, García Salvador, Herrera F., and Charte Francisco , Neurocomputing, 09/2019, Volume 360, p.1-13, (2019)
Synthetic Sample Generation for Label Distribution Learning, Gonzalez, M, Luengo Julián, Cano J. R., and García Salvador , Information Sciences, 01/2021, Volume 544, p.197-213, (2021) PDF icon 1-s2.0-S0020025520307544-main.pdf (1.36 MB)
Training set selection for monotonic ordinal classification, Cano, J. R., and García S. , Data & Knowledge Engineering, Volume 112, p.94 - 105, (2017)