Different Proposals to Improve the Accuracy of Fuzzy Linguistic Modeling

TitleDifferent Proposals to Improve the Accuracy of Fuzzy Linguistic Modeling
Publication TypeBook Chapter
Year of Publication2000
AuthorsCordón, O., Herrera F., del Jesus M. J., Villar Pedro, and Zwir Igor
EditorRuan, Da, and Kerre Etienne E.
Book TitleFuzzy If-Then Rules in Computational Intelligence: Theory and Applications
PublisherSpringer US
CityBoston, MA
ISBN Number978-1-4615-4513-2

Nowadays, Linguistic Modeling is considered as one of the most important applications of Fuzzy Set Theory, along with Fuzzy Control. Linguistic models have the advantage of providing a human-readable description of the system modeled in the form of a set of linguistic rules. In this contribution, we will analyze several approaches to improve the accuracy of linguistic models while maintaining their descriptive power. All these approaches will share the common idea of improving the way in which the Fuzzy Rule-Based System performs interpolative reasoning by improving the cooperation between the rules in the linguistic model Knowledge Base.